Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Box weave necklace

Hello all!

Those who know me, know that I am not much of an accessorizer. I don't wear much jewelry and when I do it's usually only very simple, silver stuff. Well, ever since I've started DIY(ing) that has changed. I can't get enough of big, chunky costume jewelry, especially collar type necklaces. With today's project (inspired by a post on 'honestly wtf')  I am adding another awesome piece to my growing collection.

What you need: +/- 2 hours
                       about 8-10 metres of micro-fibre suede chord.
                       a packet of washers
                      *optional- when I made mine I only used 4 metres of chord which was only about
                       enough to make a bracelet so I lengthened it with a chain.

Step 1: Cut your chord into 4 equally long pieces

Step 2: Knot the four pieces together leaving enough slack to tie necklace behind you neck

Step 3: Lay the ends out in a cross shape (one chord facing North, one chord facing South, one chord facing East, and one chord facing West)

Step 4: Start braiding: fold North and South over to the opposite ends making to loops.

Step 5: Weave West over South and under North. Weave East over north and under South

Step 6: Pull all chords tightly.

Step 7: Carry on weaving for about 7-10 cm then thread one washer through a chord.

Step 8: Weave over the washer, and add the next washer every second weave (always to the same thread going in the same direction)

Step 9: Tie around neck

*extra tip. when weaving the long chords might get tangled so I suggest you roll them and secure them with some rubber elastics to keep them from knotting. ( do not roll the chord on which you thread the washers)

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