Tuesday, November 29, 2011


As Movember comes to an end today, it's time to bid farewell to our furry little friends untill next November.
I must admit I am not a particularly big fan of the fake moustache pose that many peeps post on their facebook pages but I do think that the following project (which was inspired by some mugs I saw on I/object) is very cute indeed.

With christmas just around the corner I think these will make adorable little gifts for friends and extended family. Its quick and fun and a suits a small budget

(ok so maybe the mug on its own is a little cheap but what if we include one of these little hot chocolate kits too....yummers)

What you need: A plain mug (colour of your choice)
                         Porcelain paint- I used Marabu porcelain calligraphy painter (air dries. no need
                         for oven) which I bought from my all time favorite store. BHV
                         Scrap paper

Step 1: Research and find the moustache shape that you want

Step 2: Either print or draw your favorite moustache on the scrap piece of paper

Step 3: Place your paper moustache onto your mug so that when you hold the mug the moustache faces forward

Step 4: Trace your moustache

Step 5: With a steady hand, use your porcelain paint to draw the outline of the moustache. This is the most important part so take your time and be neat.  Then, evenly fill out the inside.

Step 6: Let it dry overnight

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