Friday, November 25, 2011

Fur Headband

So I'm sure you've all noticed that fur (or atleast faux fur) is very much in style this winter. As much as I love the new coats that are available realistically, no South African needs a fur coat. Winter just isn't that cold in SA. Buying one now, for my last month in Paris would just be a waste and a mission to get into my, already overloaded, suitcase. Not buying a coat doesn't mean that I can't stay on top of winter's hottest trend, though (haha! get it? cos fur keeps you warm so its hot! i crack myself up sometimes!)

So anyway while I was waiting for my flight back to Paris after some time in London, I found this awesome headband in the Heathrow Accesorize for 24 euros

It was the end of the holiday though, so I had no money to buy the beautiful furry accessory :(

A week or two later, while I was walking around the fabric shops near Anvers metro station I came accross some  faux fur in my favorite little mercerie for 16 euros. It was the end of the roll and luckily EXACTLY the width of my head and long enough to make two head bands!!!!

so here's a little tutorial on how to make your own fur headband. 

What you need: sharp scissors 
                         fur (double the width that you want your headband to be)
                         thread the colour of your fur 
                         elastic (only needed if your fur is not long enough to fit around your head) 

Step 1:  fold your fur in half, lengthwise 

Step 2: Sew the two ends together to make a long tube. Some people might want to do this the inside out way  but I found that it was too difficult to turn it out to the right side again. PLUS the fur hides your stitches so if you're not very good at sewing aesthetically (like me) no one will notice! (yay!) 

Step 3: Measure out how much elastic you need (if any) and sew each end of your elastic to each end of your tube. or alternatively (if your fur is long enough) just sew the two ends together. 

Step 4: Wear your new fur headband with pride. 

Warning: 1) thick fur headbands which go over your ears, while keeping them nice and snug, may make
              hearing a challenge
              2) do not consume vodka while wearing headband, unless you want to mistaken for a russian spy 


  1. yay! my first comment! thanks Rozy! you inspired me to finally get going with this thing! xx

  2. Thank you for your simply genius ideas. Keep crafting
    All the best
    Gypsy D

  3. Love this--it's adorable on you and looks very warm and cozy. Thanks for the tutorial and tips.