Friday, November 25, 2011

First DIY bracelet

I was first inspired to do this project when I saw this post on Honestly WTF 

Being the lazy crafter that I am, I didn't really read the instructions, (It looked easy enough) and headed off to my local bricolage (hardware) store BHV.
Having not read the intructions I did not realise that the hex-nuts I needed were, in fact the smallest ones, and instead I opted for medium sized ones. This error made it very difficult for me to braid the nuts onto my thin string and eventually I gave up plaiting.
I didn't want to waste my pretty golden nuts, though, so I just did the easiest thing, I strung them onto the string without braiding at all, and I kind of like the end result.

If you want to do it the fancy way check out the link above and remember to buy small hex nuts, otherwise you can take the easy route and follow my very simple tutorial

What you need: String (twine) -enough to wrap around your wrist twice
                         Hex nuts- as many as you would like
(if you want to get professional, get yourself a clasp from your local bead shop otherwise just tie your bracelet around your wrist)

step one: (only step really) string nuts onto string

Tie around wrist and wear with pride 

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